Club guidelines

Muddy singletrackCyclone is run entirely by volunteers. We aim to make sure you have a great time: we’ll organise rides and social events, guide you on trails, and help with tips if you want them. We try to fit the ride to the riders’ abilities. Where we can, we’ll give a choice of pace and challenge.

In return, there are a few rules we need you to follow.

  • Always wear a helmet, gloves and glasses; they can save you from serious harm and are required by our insurance.
  • Give way to walkers, dogs and especially horses.
  • If you’re not happy with the pace or terrain, say so and we can make adjustments. We want everyone to enjoy their ride.
  • Don’t ride trails and paths closed to bikes.
  • Turn up on time with a working bike and be ready to ride at 10am. Many club members will be happy to help with maintenance and repairs, but please fix this out of riding time.
  • You can have a couple of rides for free to see if you like us. After that, and before you do any away rides, you need to join (it’s only £20 and gets you a permit to ride the woods for a whole year).
  • All members must be over 18.